Verse3 will help you do two things better than ever before:

  • read Bible passages, all together on the screen even if they're far apart in the Bible, and
  • find Bible passages, by your concept rather than merely by a specific word.

New: "Add to Verse3"

Now when you read a web page which mentions Bible passages,
add them all into Verse3 with 3 taps!
Read more, or see it in action:

Read, with no page flipping required

Verse3 gives you a new way to read a set of Bible passages all together on one screen, even when the passages are from books throughout the Bible.

This is perfect for sermons where you would have to be flipping back and forth in your Bible, since you can see the passages simultaneously, along with any notes you're writing. It's also ideal when you're studying a topic and want to gather the passages together for future reference.

See the Video demonstration.

Find, intelligently

Verse3's blazingly fast and intelligent Find capability lets you find passages without needing to know the precise word(s) used in the Bible passage. Verse3 understands plurals, parts of speech, and even similar words - for instance, if you search for "sing", you'll also see when people sang, or sung, or were singing... so now you won't miss out on those relevant verses!

Similarly, if you search for "alcohol" you probably wanted to see mentions of beer and wine, so Verse3 shows them to you. (Try searching for colors, flowers, gems, and more.) And, when you search for "Mary", Verse3 knows that there are several people with that name; just choose the one you mean!

Verse3 helps you with big concepts, which have too many results to be useful if you merely were shown all uses of the word. Try "marriage" or "grace" or "money" for an overview of what the Bible says about these key topics - then you won't miss the important Bible passages which discuss that topic but don't happen to use that particular word.

See the Video demonstration of this smarter Bible search capability.

Compare and contrast

Verse3 has a convenient side-by-side display: you can compare the phrases used by the different Bible translators, so you can better understand the meaning.

Or, use this to follow along more easily when someone is reading in a different translation from what you prefer.

This is particularly great on tablets and the new big phone screens!

Verse3 comes with free offline access to the excellent modern HCSB Bible translation as well as the traditional KJV. Other translations including the NIV, NASB, and NKJV are available for purchase inside the app, and more translations are on their way.

Verse3 is available today for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). The Android version is expected in early 2016.


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