Verse3 FAQs

Does Verse3 need internet access?

No, unless you're installing a new Bible translation, or unless you want to synchronize your files with Dropbox. If you have connected your Dropbox account with Verse3, then your files automatically synchronize whenever you have a Wifi or data connection. And even when you are offline, your recently used files can still be displayed and modified, and new ones can be created just like normal.

Why isn't Verse3 free?

Many other companies give away their Bible applications for free, and those companies usually make their money from selling Bibles, commentaries and so on. That's a reasonable model, but it sets up an odd situation in that the companies have a financial incentive to get people to keep buying more Bible translations and add-ons. That can lead to the companies feeling pressure to spend their development (and advertising) time & money on Yet Another Bible Translation, instead of investing in making their applications even better.

Also, speaking from experience, hundreds of times more work is required to write a great application than to convert an existing digital translation for use in an app. So why should the hard thing be free, and the easy thing expensive? Or said another way, why should we make our living from selling someone else's work instead of our own?

We fully realize that our model might not work, given that so many people today think that all software should be free, and we agree that other models can be fine too.

Why are you charging for (some) Bible translations? Shouldn't the Bible be free?

We charge for some translations because we must: the owners of most Bible translation copyrights generally aren't willing to let us distribute them for free. And when we do charge for a Bible translation, you should know that we will make very little money from those sales: usually the translation copyright holder and Apple and the tax man will each get more than we do on any sale.

If there were a need to distribute the Bible for free, we would do it (and we have done so in the past), but there's no need to do so today given that there is no shortage of free Bible reading apps and websites. Instead we focus on unique capabilities and user interface concepts.

We don't charge for the HCSB, KJV, or WEB translations, and we intend to offer more free translations in the future.

What's coming next for Verse3?

We have lots of new features in mind which, like the existing Verse3 features, are ones we haven't seen in other Bible apps yet... but which we think would be really useful. And, we want to make Verse3 even faster, and we want it to run on Android devices and on, and we have several other popular Bible translations in the pipeline. If only there were more hours in the day!

Who are you and why did you write this?

Verse3 was created by David Fedor, with tremendous help and encouragement from his wonderful wife, Katherine Fedor. We might expand the team beyond just us; if you know of someone who is great at marketing and wants to help create new kinds of Bible software, let us know!

As for "why": David just couldn't stop thinking about some new ways to design apps, in order to make reading and searching the Bible much faster and better. So in 2014 he quit an excellent job to write this software full-time.

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