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Privacy Policy

Just like a waiter in a fine restaurant, our applications and websites need to remember what you tell us to remember, and to be politely and professionally attentive to you. To do that, we must store some information using "cookies" and logs and similar mechanisms.

Our policy might be summarized as: we aim to be attentive and helpful (which means we need to remember things) and in doing so we will do our very best to treat you and your data with as much care & confidentiality as possible.


More details:
When you visit a Fedor Software website, a short amount of text called a cookie may be stored by your browser, on your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. This cookie can inform us of your chosen preferences upon future visits, but it does not contain personal details. You may set your web browser's preferences to block or refuse cookies, and you may delete any cookies stored; see your web browser's documentation for instructions.

The Fedor Software applications and services store your data in order to provide the services. This data includes the Bible passages and notes you add to documents, as well as your application settings. This data will be stored on your device(s), and may also be stored on our server and/or a "cloud" account of yours, if you specify.

Our websites and applications record standard "traffic data" on when they are being used and how, including timestamps, IP addresses, accessed and referring pages, web browser and device and operating system data, search queries, and usage and performance data. Some of this data may be gathered by Google Analytics on our behalf; see https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/

None of the above-mentioned information will include what most people would consider "private information" (e.g. names, addresses, etc.) unless you type something like that into the application, which would be odd, but regardless we will keep it private just in case.

This information is gathered to personalize our applications and services for you, to find bugs, to process transactions you initiate, and to generate statistics with which to safeguard and improve our services.

Your use within the application of accounts from other providers, e.g. Apple, Dropbox or Google, may cause other information to be stored and/or logged by them; consult their privacy policies for details. For instance, if you tell our application to save your data in your Dropbox account, obviously the data must be sent to their servers and their policies will be relevant.

If you use the same accounts on multiple devices or multiple accounts on a single device, we may link your information in order to provide better services, for example to provide access to all of your purchased Bible translations on all of your devices.

If you give us your email address in order to receive announcements or support, we will (obviously) use it to send you that content, along with information on how to opt out from any future mailings, if relevant. We won't sell your address.

Purchases you make will be logged in detail, e.g. to combat fraud, and to make sure that you have access to whatever you have purchased from us. Some information on some purchases may be shared with Bible copyright owners or related parties, but we do not expect or intend to share any personally identifiable information. Sufficiently anonymized statistics may occasionally be made public, e.g. the favorite verses of the year for a set of countries.

We will comply with lawful orders to disclose information if necessary. Your information may be processed on servers outside the country where you live. Our applications and services are not intended for people under the age of 13. By using our applications and services, you are representing to us that you're over 13.

By using our applications and/or websites, you consent to our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change the policy; if we do make changes they will be posted on our website. By continuing to use our applications and/or services after those changes become effective, you consent to the revised privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacypolicy@fedorsoftware.com

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 27 May 2015.