The Verse3 Test page

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3... is this microphone on?

Deuteronomy 8:16 and Matthew 22:34-40 are interesting verses about testing. The "Add to Verse3" sharing extension should find the above two verses and let you add them easily to your Verse3 document so you can see them easily!

How to enable "Add to Verse3"

You must enable "Add to Verse3" on your device before it can be used. This only needs to be done once. Here's how:

Now you'll see "Add to Verse3" in the bottom row. Try it out! It will add the verses to your currently open file. (Before using "Add to Verse3" you will sometimes want to create a new file in Verse3.)

Some apps have a Share button for their whole document, and some let you select text and then tap Share on the selection. Either way should work fine.

"Add to Verse3" will do its best to find verse references in anything you give to it, but not every application is willing to Share, and some apps work in unusual ways. See if you have any questions, or want tips on using "Add to Verse3" with your favorite app.

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